Spice It Up With Dale

Hi, my name is Dale,

Welcome to, “Spice It Up With Dale”.

A couple of months back, Spice It Up With Dale wasn’t even a thought.  Cooking and posting pics on Facebook was pretty much the extent of my sharing; other than friends being over for dinner and getting to taste the food for themselves. 

Through the encouragement of friends near and far, I have decided to adventure on this journey.

My Indian Spice Box – the gift that keeps on giving

A close friend of mine was going back to India to visit his family and asked if there was anything I wanted.  At first I said no, but when he asked me the second time I said yes I would love an Indian Spice Box


Little did he or I know that it would be the start of something new;  a new journey, a brand, a logo and hopefully a gift to all of you!

I still have alot of content to add, along with many features.  I hope that as I build out the site you will find it inspiring and useful.

Building a website is nothing I have ever done before.  It is challenging and another part of the journey of “we are always learning”

Please stay tuned for more post and updated items and features.

Always Cook With Love – It Tastes Better!

by Dale Mowry

Spice It Up With Dale: Let’s Cook

The Blog

You just never know what I might be cooking in the kitchen or out on the grill. I could be taking in a food festival or at a local market or a market abroad. You just never know and honestly some days I never know. But there is one thing I do know and that is “Always Cook with love – It Tastes Better!”.

You better have the music turned loud and those hips shaking in the kitchen to some of your favourite tunes. (just be carefully when no using knives, ok!)

My goal is to have one to two blog post per week along with creating this site for you the member.

A Blog and Social Network connecting people  who like to cook around the world.



Registered Members

url link to the purpose of this site


  • built in timer in the actually recipe.  just tap on the number and the timer will start.
  • serving amount, change the serving for the amount of guests or quantity you want and the ingredients will auto generate with new measures.
  • make someone else’s recipe, be sure to go in and leave them a comment, give it a star rating and share on social feeds if you like. I like to read the comments on people leave when they made the dish.  Creativity is key and everyone’s taste vary’s.
  • oh yah, when you sign up it kind has a little feel similar to Facebook.  That’s right, Social Network aspect.  Connect with people all over the world.
  • remember when you cooked your first dinner for someone special, or In-laws(outlaws).  Now be able to talk with different people and if struggling ask a question to the group chat.    This would of helped. me way back then.
  • create your shopping list from the recipes you have selected to make.
  • and many more things as progress with the site.


One Rule:  Respect, Kindness,, Gratitude we are humans.



Spice It Up With Dale Our Recipe Collection

Myrecipe collection along with those members choose to share online are just a click away. Click on the picture beside and have access to many recipes.

As more members join and share recipes this collection will be always evolving.

I will also continue try and create one new recipe a week or do a conversion recipe.


Your Saved Collection

You will be able to view recipes others share along with mine and wait that’s not all. You can create your own Online Recipe Collection of the ones you like.

Recipes are built as is the site for smartphone first, tablet second and laptop or pc last!  (Space in my kitchen is limited, besides Desk Top/Laptop take up to much room.  you need space to create and shake those hips)

Recipe Submission Form

Sharing is Caring so here is an online form for your to share your favourite recipes, take your note book or recipe box and update to an online version.

Have a recipe you have been making for years and not sure what the nutritional value or impacts are. key it in and the facts will update as soon as I post it live to the site. (this is to ensure an extra level of security to prevent spam, etc)

Please  ensure if you are copying a recipe that you kindly include the author and if an online recipe send me the link so I can ensue they are created in the author field as well as the site where the recipe was taken from.

This ensures respect to the original author and is ok to do.

Just read the copyright rules of the sites.




And So The Blogging Begins


  • Fennel & Apple Salad Topped By Blood Orange

  • Apple & Pear Meet Rosemary

  • Apple Pie Oatmeal

  • Veggie Photoshoot

  • Veggie Roast & Spice

  • Baked Tomato Topping

Fennel & Apple Salad Topped By Blood Orange

Apple & Pear Meet Rosemary

Apple Pie Oatmeal

Veggie Photoshoot

Veggie Roast & Spice

Baked Tomato Topping