Pad Thai in Tamarind Sauce


A college and friend who has influenced my cooking!

Back in 2010 a colleague of mine returned from vacationing in Jamaica with her family. When she return to our office she brought me a gift that was Tamarind!

Thank you Lorin!

A jar of preserved Tamarind Sauce , heck I had not heard of this before.


That jar of tamarind sauce opened my palette/challenged my mind (my sister is reading this, rolling her eyes saying, “challenged your mind? What mind!) to how do I cook with this!

After some trial and error(s) I have fallen head over heels for tamarind.

From stir-fry, banana & tamarind ice-cream, deserts, marinades, baked beans and since 2010, always in my pad thai.

Serve It Sexy

Another little secret, it makes a killer martini, daiquiri and mojito!

Side view!
Top View
Some health benifits about Tamarind!